Alex Von Z Launches Kickstarter to Fund Solo Record
Tim Wenger on January 1, 2014

Alex Von Z has been around the block with music- after working with his band Vonzeles, he decided the time was right to make music on his own, and with a new message. Colorado Music Buzz got the latest word right from the source about the Kickstarter campaign happening this month to fund his new record and his other planes for 2014.

CMB: What are the details of Kickstarter and the project it is funding?
AVZ: The project is the Implicate Order album from which I have already released 3 songs including the single “Drawn”. During the funding period I will be releasing acoustic versions of 3 other new songs from the album which will have a total of at least 12 tracks. You can listen to all currently released material and get information on the campaign at Read More

Alex Von Z – Implicate Order/Life’s Addiction EP
RingMaster on April 20, 2013

Showing two sides of and the extensive diversity within his sound, Alex Von Z is unleashing a gem of an EP stroke album which is as accomplished and incendiary to the passions as you could wish from any release. Combining the four track Implicate Order EP and the three track single Life’s Addiction, which first made their appearances in October and December respectively last year, the release is a thrilling and impressive blend of melodic rock and aggressive metal shaped rock n roll. Read More

Skope Reviews 2 EPs By Alex Von Z via Music Industry News Network
Ray Cavanaugh on January 7, 2013

At some point, Alex Seleznov underwent a metamorphosis. Leaving behind the proverbial ‘rat race,’ he adopted the name Alex Von Z, went vegan, forayed into devotional yoga, and began to cultivate his latent spirituality.

Though he forsook much of his former ways, Alex drew on the musical background of his youth to forge his new path – a path that has begotten not one, but two EPs: 1. Implicate Order 2. Life’s Addiction.

When listening to the track “Drawn,” what comes to mind is the phrase: ready for radio. The melodies are apt. The vocals are pleasing. Also, the lyrical message is one that would likely resonate with many:
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