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Sitting down, with colored pens creates a picture, to make us smile
I’m impatient, but she’s just fine to sit and talk with God awhile
I say I don’t know how she paints the blowing trees, and falling rain
She can tell me in most brilliant words that’s its simple to explain

She says
That’s just, the way I’m drawn it’s all right, cause there’s no wrong
God made me, the way I am just so happy with how I am… drawn
She says that’s how I’m drawn

In her presence, I feel at peace outside those lines, bent out of shape
I tell her how, I feel trapped she blinks her eyes, says just escape
(Pass beyond, what holds you back stretch beyond the lines you’ve laid
Change the picture, inside your head don’t give in or be afraid – unedited version)
Easy for her, her beauty shines and every day it just expands
She’s so modest when she insists she’s just a pencil in God’s hands

I can’t change the way I am
So I’ll just love the way I am drawn
That’s how she’s drawn

(Lines of a curve sublime how they serve to contain, which can’t be held
Within confines ingenious designs all definitions are dispelled – unedited version)
It’s just the way she loves to play helps to pass the time along
She’s a muse that can amuse remind its perfect how we’re drawn

That’s how she’s drawn (hey me too)
That’s how I’m drawn (how bout you)
Isn’t that’s how you’re drawn (aren’t we all)
Just how we’re drawn just how I’m drawn

Copyright Alex Von Z music


Love is, life is tied to a string
Hold it just right not too light not too tight so it vibrates in tune with a beautiful ring
Breath comes, breath goes over and over again
Tied to the heart just a part where it starts till it leaves us at last to find life never ends

A short time, for long walks deep silence between loud talks
A sweet sound, and soft touch it never seems to be enough

So I came here to live so I’d learn how to die
To the thought of myself and all I deny
Drop all my desire, since I want to be free
Accept all that is perfect cause it’s What It Should Be

Depression, tension, making us ill
Choose confidence and dispense commonsense healing all sickness with power of will
Re-lease, let go, total surrender at depth
Locate a space, be at peace in that place celebrate freedom behind every death

A short time, for long walks deep silence between loud talks
Such great taste, and soft touch can’t ever get too much

So I came here to live so I’d learn how to die
Born with the truth, I invented a lie
It was then I remembered, there’s more than I see
Accept all that is perfect, cause it’s What It Should Be

Being, knowing, claiming all that is found
Enjoying, living, experiencing all I’m allowed
Creation, attention, compassion is what we’re about
Attachment, aversion, content we struggle without

So I came here to live so I’d learn how to die
To the thought of myself and all I deny
Drop all my desire, since I want to be free
Accept all that is perfect, cause it’s What It Should Be

Copyright Alex Von Z music


Woah Yeah! So good! I, I got it good!

Sweet is this life I must have done something to deserve it
Maybe I was lucky maybe I am someone’s favorite
There must be a way to explain why I’m not the starving kind
Seeking food, clothes and shelter like so much of humankind

I’ve got
Chocolate Covered Karma Chocolate Covered Karma
Sweetness is my birthright this lifetime is my dharma Chocolate Covered Karma

Rich, soft, and creamy all the luxuries I enjoy
Delivered in a box and bow all seems my gifted toy
Shiny coating beauty alluring resist it so few would
Delicious and savory enjoy every bite so good

I’ve got
Chocolate Covered Karma Chocolate Covered Karma
Sugar rush of life without the drama Chocolate Covered Karma

If this candy shell were to break would I simply melt all away
Will I burn all the good or leave some for another day
How they treat you is their karma how you respond is yours
I’ll try to live this life and not create any more

So you see there must be a system one based on prior lives
Otherwise the universe is a roll of the dice
Like we’re all born in a casino spun on the roulette wheel
Where we land is entirely random now how would that make you feel

Copyright Alex Von Z music



Get in line to receive your assignment the time has come to try once again
Seems so clear at the time it is given fall into all that has been

Pre Chorus:
Return, to resolve, many errors, of my own admission
Imbued, with a sense, of pride, to accept this mission

Get on the ride that fuels life’s addiction
religion and history meet science fiction
Beauty, drugs and sex just part of the system
In need of a detox to end life’s addiction

Crying out it’s the first thing to do vague memory, of why I am here
Then it’s gone, I am fully entangled lost into, all that is near

Pre Chorus:


OCD to over working, sports and games and all that’s fleeting
Television, spending money, pain and illness can’t stop eating
Gambling, lying, mental thought; porn and sex some talk a lot
Make up, diets, surgery absorbed to make a body hot
Computers, movies, internet, all to take me from this being
Chewing, smoking, oral fixes; acting to feel good’s not freeing

Chorus 2:
Awake in the world to see life’s addiction – External obsession a human condition
New thought and old ways become open to wisdom – Showing the means to end life’s addiction
Chorus 3:
Loss to the senses produces the addiction – Simply appears a limited abstraction
Finding a method to broaden the spectrum – Need something stronger to end life’s addiction

copyright Alex Von Z music


Violence alive in the world and our lives
Divided by hate watch it growing in size
Weapons are made with one purpose in mind
Thinking so small defy natures design

No need to compel and no need to insist
Unable to question Man’s equal right to exist
Not an excuse to behave inhumane
The animal instinct still a part of our brain

Rise and fall – System befall
Power verse Force – Day after day, running its course
Rise and fall – Civil enthrall
False versus truth – Knowledge withheld, corrupting the youth

Violence returns to the streets and our homes
It’s never been gone and it’s been lasting this long
So when will it stop to never make an offense
Living in peace is the most common sense

Through any destruction we know life will persist
Results ignored still find those who resist
However they rule empires all end the same
Control is a fire all get burned by the flame


Need – Want – Greed, creating the force sustaining ego
Fear – Hate – Pride, obscuring power we refuse to know


Life – Through – Death, released to rise from in which we came
Be – Here – Now, in spite of the past there’s time to reclaim
Divided we fall united we stand
Symbolic of life from the time it began
The cycle of death and re-birthing of man

copyright Alex Von Z music


I’ve got something to share with all you wonderful people
There’s just so much to tell and wouldn’t you know it’s all about me
what about me who am I that you should care – care about me
what about me who are you that you could know – know about me

Started in life, to learn about mine enlarged by beauty reduced by the scope
Unclear of a purpose searched for a sign took all that I could just to keep hope

With in with out

Me, what about me – who am I – that you should care – care about
Me, what about me – is there inside – that needs for you – you to love me

Played many roles but still I perform master the act but forget the plot
Seems I must come to the end of myself to learn all about who I am not

Unsure – devout – with in – with out

Me, what about me – who am I – just a thought – thought about
Me, what about me – is so obsessed – all the time – it’s all about
Me, what about me – who am I – life goes on – life without
Me, begin to feel – in this life – is there more – more I can’t see

Walking around with the me in this head trusting the senses have left me mislead
Aware of much more behind the haze of ego the truth is the past is all I can know
Detached from results and determined to serve all get what they get cause its what they deserve
Cultivate wisdom and merciful fate purposeful action with intent to create

Me, what about me – who am I – that can feel – life within
Me, what about mecan understand – there’s no time – time without me
Me, what about me – who am I – a thought belief – life is in
Me, begin to feel – in this life, there is more, more than I see

Walking around without me in this head ego restrained the old me…
is dead

copyright Alex Von Z music